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What Does A Hotel Blog About?

Authenticity & Character

Bunchrew House from the air

Fairy Tale Setting

Bunchrew House Hotel is one of those places you don’t forget.  Just look at it!  It’s a pink castle with towers that wouldn’t look out of place in a Disney feature film about some fairy tale or other.

When you close your eyes and imagine a fairy tale location, once you’ve seen Bunchrew House, that’s the image that pops into your head first!

For us, it’s important that we use this website to help you understand what it is we do here – and that the authenticity and character of the location is closely matched by the authenticity, character and passion of the people who choose to work here.

History all around

History Surrounds You

The stories about this place date back to 1621 and we hope they’ll continue for many years to come.  That’s a lot of stories!  So we consider the blog, as part of our website, just the latest way in which we can involve people in what’s happening around the hotel.  Just as our predecessors did in their day with parchment, paper, ink and more recently a typewriter – we can now communicate regularly about what’s going on around the hotel.  From our resident population of red squirrels to the dishes chef recommends as the seasons change.  This is the place where we’ll tell the current story about Bunchrew House Hotel.  How better to assure you of the authenticity and character of this lovely little hotel?

If you enjoy fine dining, select wines, discreet service and quiet, private surroundings – it might be worth following this blog for a while…

Fraser the Squirrel_looking-left

Fraser The Squirrel